Spring is Here! BBQ on the Deck

Spring is here!

My dad revived the old grill for my brother’s birthday. My mom pitched in the BBQ idea the week before. We all looked forward to grilling out in the backyard and especially to get rid of the excess food inventory. My sister gave me tips on stacking and soaking the scewers. We discussed for a bit how we should arrange the veggies and tofu. When I work with my sister, it’s like having the other voice in my head. I feel the true meaning of ‘two heads is better than one’ when working with her. My dad is usually in charge of all the cooking at home. This time, I took charge of grilling the vegetables while my dad finish the Somtam (papaya salad). I’ve never cooked on a BBQ grill before. My new favorite BBQ food is grilled portobello mushroom.

2016-04-15 19.23.57

GRILLED: Eggplants, portobello mushrooms, veggie scewers and cumin chicken

The night before, my sister and I attempted making matcha cake with black sesame icing. I have to say it wasn’t a total desaster, but it didn’t turn out the best either. First of all, a cake with no icing is definitely ideal for our family. Most of the time, even the lighter cakes, are too sweet for us. But then, if we bake cake, we can’t skip making icing can’t we? The thing is, we intended to make cup cakes. Even if it might turn out too rich, cup cakes are small. Somehow we changed our minds last minute, and made it a cake. The butter cream definitely was meant for cup cakes. The cake turned out very dense and lacked air. It was okay as a birthday cake. I had better luck with the rice-cooker cake.

2016-04-15 01.27.18

Attempted Matcha & Black Sesame Cake


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