Sick Day

my medicine: Fresh Ginger, Goji Berries, honey, green tea

my medicine: Fresh Ginger, Goji Berries, honey, green tea

I had a fever since the day before. I’m almost back to normal now. Yesterday, I only rested half the day before running to work in the afternoon. I thought I’d be back to normal already, but this morning I had a temperature. Or that’s how I felt. I walked to the bus stop, and then walked back home. I thought, “if I can barely make out of home, then I probably would feel shittier at work. I’ll stay home…” People usually say not to spread your germs when sick, but I often see sick people working. It makes me feel weird staying home from just a cold. A cold can be heal with lots of rest, lots of fluids, and GOOD food. Usually when I get cold symtoms at work, my co-workers would offer me ‘medicine’. I remember being sick two years ago, I had some DayQuil pill thing a co-worker gave me. She told me I wouldn’t have to leave early if I take this. And that thing just suppressed everything away. I felt somewhat violated though. It was bad, but not so bad that I couldn’t sleep it off at home. If I could have slept, was that really necessary? I see why people don’t stay home from being sick or headaches. We have these miracle pill things. I’Il use some more again one day only if I’m in so much pain that I want to die. So when I got in the office in the afternoon yesterday, I was asked if I took some ‘medicine’. I told them I’ve brought ginger. There are several reasons this is the worse time for me to get sick. Work hasn’t been too busy for me like it was in Summer, but it is hard to be away. My work has been, I’d say, directly affected by the westcoast port strike. There’s a big change in pace in my work, and also, it is unpredictable what I have to do next. That’s why it’s hard for me to just take off randomly. So rather than being busy due to high volume, I’m always on edge. (Ooh..excitement…) Another reason is that, I’m going on vacation next month. I’m low on PTO, so I’m a little worried what to do when I barely have enough (cries). And in general it just doesn’t look good to miss work so often, not right now. I’m going to Europe next month. I can’t wait to feel the air there. I’ll be writing lots about it.

2 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. Sometimes I feeL those miracLe piLLs do vioLate our bodies’ right to rest and mend things on their own pace (does that make sense?).
    I hope you’LL get better soon! Vacationing whiLe sick is no fun :(

    1. Thanks ^-^
      That makes sense. I think it is great to stay in touch with the body as much as possible. I have my exceptions. Like if I were to get sick during a trip and such.

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