Vans Warped Tour 2014 in Washington June 28 2014

This year I decided to go to Vans Warped Tour because ONE OK ROCK announced that they’ll be touring 18 cities on this tour. They totally went over my expectations. This is what I wrote to them on the banner at their LA Live earlier this year.

"You will go far. I know you'll make it to Seattle soon too!! I LOVE YOU. YOU'RE THE BEST"

“You will go far. I know you’ll make it to Seattle soon too!! I LOVE YOU. YOU’RE THE BEST”

I know they’ll come soon someday, but wow, too soon. Within the same year, I got to see them twice.

So yesterday, I packed a lot of PB&J sandwiches to spend the day out in Auburn/Enumclaw at Vans Warped Tour. The weather was perfect. We got a couple bursts of pouring rain, and periods of bright sunshine. Ideally, people would hope for sunshine all day long, but I think this was perfect because no heat strokes or sunburns.

The facilities were more comfortable than I thought: Actual restrooms instead of Honey Buckets, water filling stations, concrete floors(no mud swamps). PARKING was very easy. They were very organized in getting cars to keep flowing in and park in order – no circling around looking for parking with bad traffic jams. Also, parking was FREE.

I really loved this day because I got to spend it with the perfect guy to spend this kind of day with, and the perfect music festival for me. In general, I love anything rock (leaning towards punk rock to funk), so I had a happy soul rocking out all day long. I got to see a few good bands I’ve never heard of before: State Champs, The Maine, Strangers You Know, K. Flay..


My day at Warped Tour ’14 in Washington.

I hung out in the Beer Garden a little bit before getting in the crowd at the Beatport Stage to wait to see ONE OK ROCK (OOR). The Beatport Stage is pretty random to have OOR, because it’s a stage featuring Dub/DJ’s. Either way, they rocked out that stage.

There was a boy who was like around 12 years old(?) standing behind me, asking me if OOR was very popular. He’s in the crowd for the next group (who are probably not a rock band). While they were setting up, it rained so hard I thought it was hailing. I was totally soaked, even the poster in my backpack got soaked pretty badly. As soon as OOR started playing, I was completely possessed. I hope I didn’t freak the boy out with all that jumping and head-banging, be glad we are the same size little boy. Head-bangs in the rain was awesome – wet hair with extra weight, shaking drops of water all over the place. My neck got hurt after all that though, it still hurts like hell as I am writing this. My throat seems to be fine, but it hurts to swallow for some reason.

Anyway, this was their song list for this show :

1.Deeper Deeper..
2.Nothing Helps
3.Clock Strikes
4.Stuck in the Middle (new -unreleased)
5.The Beginning

Like all the other bands, they called us Seattle. Nobody knows ‘wherever the hell we are’. It’s funny, because every band said it almost exactly the same way. I’m very happy that’s how they’re putting it, because I’m from Seattle. And especially when I wrote to OOR, “you’ll make it to Seattle soon…”

Here’s a collage of my OOR moments at warped tour \m/

ONE OK ROCK in 'Seattle'

ONE OK ROCK in ‘Seattle’ : My OOR moments at Vans Warped Tour ’14

I got to shake hands with them, got a couple albums sign, and a couple picks signed. I feel a little guilty getting the chance to meet them like this. Even so, I’m very happy I didn’t hesitate to get a photo with them. I don’t know why it was such a tough decision for me, I just felt so goddamn guilty. Not even VIP tickets get to freely get autographs and don’t even mention photos. They are such big artists with a huge fanbase. They have performed sold out shows to 20,000+ people. I know Japan has a lot of people, but still… they toured the globe, yo.

They are bigger than any artists at warped tour this year. But..

They are still breaking into the rock scene in the US. I realized that when a fan next to me told the boy behind me, “they are J-pop (..or did she say J-rock?)” I know that to a lot of people, they are a J-rock band. Even for myself, I found them because I listen to Japanese music. Only until recently, I tell people they are a rock band, from Japan.

I don’t know when or how they’ll break out of just being ‘j-pop/j-rock’ to other people, but so far I think they are doing a pretty good job. I’ve seen many artists from Japan coming to the US, and they pretty much have themselves start from zero, because they produce completely new music, and often a totally different genre, separate from what they already have out in Japan. They make ‘US releases’ and such….ONE OK ROCK does it different though. They’re music is all in one. No ‘English’ versions/US albums or whatever . This might also be the advantage..or rather the nature of being a rock band, they create their own music. It would just be too strange for them to come out with such albums intended for a totally different audience. That’s something idols/pop artists can’t do, although I think they can just come to the US as they are…. like how OOR is doing it.

That’s why I find them so amazing.

Anyway, I had a very good day out yesterday. Time to rest my neck from all the head banging trauma.

4 thoughts on “Vans Warped Tour 2014 in Washington June 28 2014

  1. I agree with you about the ‘US release’/’International release’ thing.. Maybe this is seLfish, but I hope they won’t change too much but evoLve (does that make any sense?) and get the recognition they deserve.

    You. Are. So. Lucky.

    Hope your neck wiLL get better soon :)

    1. International release, sounds closer to what I mean. I couldn’t find a good way to describe it. I get what you mean by evolve, I hope that’s how they will progress

      I am so lucky>< it seems like they can't help it but to be as close to the fans as the other bands there.

      And thanks, my neck is making progress ^_^

      1. Anyway, I’m just curious about some things.. Was the majority of the audience boys or girLs? And, did anyone wish Tomoya happy birthday? :p

      2. I see a good mix at this show. Even though I think there were more female than male. There were definitely a lot of Asians though. I think I heard a couple people trying to yell happy birthday during set up. I’m sure there was more than that though x) I forgot to tell him that..

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