Open Mic at The Den June 4 2014

I went to the First Wednesday OpenMic at The Den Coffeehouse again! This time I got a pleasant surprise. My friend came to see me perform today, and then my other friend who goes to school near by showed up right before my turn. I invited my mother to come along this time as well.

It was a good evening with variety of music this time.

Talking about something..

Talking about something..

Here is my song line-up:

1. On My Own (2014)

2.La La Summer Song (2012)

3.Runaway (2012)

4.Living Dolls / ONE OK ROCK (cover) <-I did a cover this time! This is my first time performing a cover live like this.

My theme this time was built around being abroad. I wrote this song, ‘On My Own’ while I was traveling in Japan to say how I do things on my own, or how people should go and do things on their own. I went to Japan by myself because I couldn’t wait for other people to be ready anymore. I don’t know what the future holds, so no holding back when the opportunity is in front of me – that is me saving up and working long enough to take some vacation time. Then, since I went to Japan, I felt like covering a Japanese song. So I did ONE OK ROCK, who has been having a big influence on me this year.

My sister took a good video this time, and fortunately I did pretty well. I will upload it onto my Youtube channel soon.

There will be a next time.

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