Living Dolls by ONE OK ROCK

I recently uploaded a song cover on Youtube. I haven’t been active on my YouTube Channel the past year. I was busy trying to finish my last year of college (which was already a year ago), then just got busy the flow of things working fulltime.

In this video, I performed vocals and guitar, my rendition of Living Dolls from ONE OK ROCK‘s Kanjou Effect album (2008). This song was one of my first favorite songs by OOR.


I’m thinking about posting most of my videos like this from now on. Live recording with video. Most of my videos posted on my channel did not show my face.

Here are some reasons why I stayed mostly faceless on Youtube:

1. I have to look presentable to take a video, and my room has to look presentable..

2.Video takes up a lot of space on my computer, and usually I have to do a few takes before I like it . Back in my earlier days of playing the guitar and sing, I recall once I took up to 30 takes!! That was because I was still a complete beginner..and I don’t delete them until I’ve decided which one to use<-so think about how much space a video will use.

Just in case you’re wondering about how many takes I did for this one, I did two full takes total. Yay to practice. Yay to improvement.

3.Film editing..enough said.


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