Folklife 2014: Busking, Deep-Fried PBJ and Jazz Ensembles


This year I thought Folklife was worth going to again. Actually, it is probably great every year, but this year I actually live near by, only ten minutes away (walking), from Seattle Center.


On Saturday I went out with my guitar and my sister on the tambourine. We performed for forty minutes. I’d say for a beginner-intermediate level performance, we caught a good amount of eyeballs, lenses, and CASH! Next time I’ll try to prepare a better program as a street performer. It kind of became a new goal.

The weather was just right. There were some clouds to filter the direct sunlight. We went to the Kushi Bar after, for some Japanese style street food and drinks (HIGH-BALL STREET FOOD THOUGH, my money – cries)

Then on Monday, I went back to the festival again. The weather was great. There were different shades of sunlight. It was warm with a hint of chilliness in the wind. I had deep fried PBJ first thing. I think it makes a good dessert, but it was hella oily. They dipped the sandwich in some kind of dough, and then deep-fried it. I can’t help it but seeing how American these food stands are. Somehow, I’m wishing to see Yakisoba and taiyaki food stands instead of Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and corndogs.

2014-05-26 15.33.07

We listened to Kenyan/Zimbabwe music for a bit and wandered around. Later at the same stage there was Jamaican. I really enjoyed the Jazz ensembles on the streets the most. I tipped a couple of them (half of the money I made Saturday went to musicians).

2014-05-26 16.43.27

It was a good day out. We stumbled upon the square dance floor in the Gene Fisher Pavilion. I remember doing square dance during junior high for P.E. class. It was a fun, but nerve wrecking at the same time. I was very, very self-conscious back then, so I wasn’t able to enjoy it entirely. Now that I think about it, why would it matter if I screwed up? Ha.


2 thoughts on “Folklife 2014: Busking, Deep-Fried PBJ and Jazz Ensembles

  1. I used to live about five blocks from Seattle Center, and I’d go to Folklife until I got tired, and I’d go home – then I’d go back to Folklife again and again, all day.

    I didn’t make it this year. :( Thanks for the report!

    1. The weather was beautiful, and I think that is what makes one year better than the other! I didn’t go out on Sunday, which I think was the wettest day of all four. Anyway, it seems the same as always!

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