Seoul Wanderings to Arriving in Tokyo April 23-25 2014 (1)

I’ve been back for a week or so now. I was busy catching up with life and finally I got some time to write and upload pictures. Here comes the series of my Japan Trip 2014. I was planning this trip since last year and couldn’t wait to take my first paid time off! And my second solo trip…first time in Japan.

Here is the overall timeline of my trip. In the post today, in bold.


2014-04-23 11.16.43I took the Seattle Link Light rail to SeaTac, and took off on a plain with one bag on my little back, alone. Transportation in general for this trip was easy. For my first solo trip from Chengdu – Shenzhen in China, I took a 2-day long train ride. After being through that, nothing else can top the nightmares of days-long hard-seat/no seat train rides in China (well, just wait ‘til I get on the trains in India).

Anyway, I had a long layover in Seoul. I had to transfer from Incheon Intl airport to Gimpo Intl airport. I booked a night at the Hi Seoul Youth Hostel. The subway ride took longer than I anticipated. I got lost in the stations for about ten minutes, because I couldn’t find the right terminals (luckily, this is the most lost I got during this whole trip = barely got lost).

The hostel looked so grand. I didn’t have much time to use their facilities, but it was a nice and cheap place to stay in Seoul. It is a short walk to Yeongdong-po Market Subway Station.

Hi-Seoul Youth Hostel

Hi-Seoul Youth Hostel

There is a Bread Talk right in the same building.

Bread Talk

The Next Day I had a few hours to take a look around Seoul. I didn’t see too much with all the baggage I had with me, but I was quite satisfied. I wandered the Myeongdong shopping district early morning, when everything was still closed.

2014-04-25 08.41.09

2014-04-25 08.40.53

And this was one of my random finds of that day. The river walk by the Ogansugyo Bridge. I love rivers. This took me back to my Chengdu days.

2014-04-25 09.36.46

And that was the climax of my Seoul Wanderings.

On my way to Gimpo Intl Airport, I noticed that there’s signal in the subway stations. On top of that, they also have Wi-Fi available.

That night I arrived in Tokyo. With the fear of not making the curfew, I immediately head over to the Tokyo Central Youth Hostel at Iidabashi Station. At first I felt that the railing system was harder to figure out here, but actually, it is quite simple once I realized that I have to re-enter between systems (i.e. Tokyo Metro to JR trains). The Youth Hostel is pretty much AT Iidabashi station. It is on the 18th floor of that building with Daiso.

First impression: Tokyo’s warm (read: hot). Why did I bring my scarf?

Next part of my trip: Reunion with friends and All-Around Tokyo, April 26-27 2014 (2)

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