Open Mic at The Den – April 2 2014

Well, Hello. It has been awhile.

I’ve been busy in my mind in putting my soul into music the past couple weeks. I got many songs out of my head earlier this year. And then I finally put myself out there for the first time. I performed my songs last week at openmic held at The Den Coffeehouse. They used to call it the Lyon’s Den, but now they seemed to have changed their name (although their sign still says it’s “Lyon’s Den”). I never had the best impression of this place other than the fact that it’s the only other place that was near campus – back in my Cascadia Community College days, and then UW Bothell days.

2014-04-02 19.38.53-2

I had a very good time. I hope I can see the same faces again next month. Everyone was very nice and supportive. It was an evening of great music. I’ll definitely be back next month.

My Song line-up:

Yours (2012)
Cold Rain (2014)
Empty (2014)
No Regrets (2014)

As you can see, most song are from this year. I’m excited to see what else there is to come this year. Hopefully I can get back to recording this year as well ^_^

I have video recordings of my performance. I’ll share them once I have them uploaded to YouTube.

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