“What’s a cup of coffee?” 2011 Short Film Project

I almost forgot about this! It has been a little over 3 years since I made this film. I actually made this film for an intro to filmmaking class. I am a little sad that it was the only film I got to do while still in school. I really miss this class, and wish I took more filmmaking classes!

Somethings are starting to feel outdated here..such as the mentioning of 3G. I also feel like people practically browse the web everywhere now, because the almighty smartphone. Truth is, I only moved on to a smartphone a couple months ago because my phone of 5 years decided to self-destruct<-It was working completely fine and suddenly just STOPPED working.

In the video description:

“What’s A Cup of Coffee?” discusses the use of portable technology and how it slightly changes the tradition at coffee shops.

In recent years, the traditional use of coffee shops has changed. As we know, traditionally, coffee shops is a place to enjoy good coffee, meet people, and relax with mates. Ever since WI-FI became widely introduced at coffee shops, an increasing number of portable devices, other than laptops, with WI-FI access, are being invented. Starbucks as a prime example, now has free WI-FI access for everyone. The coffee shop tradition has changed and now, WI-FI access devices and coffee shops now come hand in hand. The students interviewed in this film discussed their hobbies at coffee shops. Some of the old tradition remains, though, with a twist of conversing online through social media sites (e.g. FaceBook).


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