TAO Taiko drum performance in Seattle’s Moore Theater [Mar 2 2014]


I just borrowed this picture. I didn’t take any photos from the show.

Last weekend, I went to see a taiko drum performance in the Seattle’s Moore Theater.TAO is a taiko drumming group from Japan. It seems like they are based in Kyushu. Looks like they’ve been on a tour this year.

Last year, I got tickets as a gift to a show called “Shen Yun” which was entertaining. At the same time very strange with the not-so-hidden political message. I also got the tickets to this show as a Christmas present. I didn’t know what to expect before seeing TAO’s show.

TAO was AWESOME. I’ve seen some taiko performances before, but nothing like this one! Even though they’re supposed to be the non-traditional style performance, I can feel the authenticity in it. I felt the true fine art in it. I recommend this show to anyone. It is suitable for all ages. At some songs, I really wanted to go “WASSHOI—–!” and “Sorya! Sorya! Sorya!” waving with a matsuri uchiwa. On my way home, I couldn’t stop going, “USSU!” The show left my body beating the whole night.

I have to compliment the Japanese for often adapting other cultures and making it their own. Take Japanese-Euro food as an example (i.e. omuraisu オムライス, hambagu ハムバグ, etc.), Japanese foods adapted from western foods. A hambagu is a burger patty seasoned with soysauce and grated radish on it<-Japanesed-Western Food. I really like Japanese innovation and creativity. TAO is traditional art, yet something new. The feeling you get is the same as you would with taiko with a renewed perspective. You know what I mean?

Anyway, I will definitely see TAO again when they come back to the Seattle area! Here is a clip from a previous performance. You really have to see them live to feel the pleasure of the rumble though!


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