“You take the bus?!”

20140226-174900.jpg “You take the bus? I’m so sorry.””When will you get your license?”

I’ve heard that through out college. Now I’m hearing it more so at work. Is there only one best way to live one’s life? I will get my drivers license, and I will learn how to drive. I will drive if I really can’t avoid it.

People do things differently when they are on the mind-set of owning a car and driving everywhere. For me, starting that kind of lifestyle will make me feel fifty before I turn thirty.

Also, about the bus.. Living in the greater area of Seattle, the bus works when you make it work. Just like driving takes commitment in learning, practicing, and getting used to the roads. I make it work better by moving into the city. If I’m moving somewhere for this reason, it means that this is how I want to roll. No, I didn’t move in downtown to party at night. No, I’m not making things more complicated. This is a simple life style. I commute to work by bus, everyday. People often offer me rides. I’m thankful for that. Especially, if I’m ever stranded<- which never happened to me just yet. However, when I say I can take the bus, I really mean it. I can get on the bus and be on my own, and listen to my music. If I get a ride, my personal time gets taken away. Plus, I have to feel like I owe them for something they didn’t really need to do. Plus, being annoyed at people giving me rides, I feel like a jerk…

From my work building, there’s a bus stop right in front and across the exit of the parking lot. The building is on a steep hill, and definitely a pain in the ass to walk up, but walking down is no big deal. There is a bus stop right at our parking lot exit. But usually, I walk down the hill to the next stop to hide, for this reason:

People leaving the parking lot can see me waiting at the bus stop across the lot exit. If I was seen someone would come up to me the next day to give me a hug, and say how much they feel sorry for me. I would try to tell them, as polite as I could, that this is how I get around and it is not as bad as how people make it out to be.

I enjoy walks down that hill. The view is very nice. Sometimes, I can see whole rainbows (half). Yesterday was such a nice day. There were blue skies and the sun was still out after five PM. The past week has been rainy, windy, and foggy.. The typical Puget Sound weather. The sudden nice weather made me feel enegetic, and I decided to RUN down the hill to the bus stop. I was running for fun, for expression. Well, someone saw me in action. And then the next day someone came up to me saying, “I saw you running to the bus stop yesterday..” and then, “I couldn’t stop to pick you up.”

There are people trying to convince me how driving is “safer”. They assume I don’t take rides because I’m paranoid of other people’s driving (in a way, you can say that I am paranoid of ALL moving vehicles). Sure there’s that thing about safety, but I also hate taking rides because I don’t have control. How bossy can I get riding someone’s car?

I’m not saying my lifestyle is for everyone.

To each his own. Suum cuique

2 thoughts on ““You take the bus?!”

  1. I Love riding the bus. I have some me time to Listen to music, read, daydream etc and I dare say it’s the most peacefuL time of the day for me — even though security and traffic jam are aLways an issue ^__^”
    But, -by the way peopLe react to your commute- is Seattle’s bus system that bad?? I bet it’s not worse than Jakarta’s.

    1. The Seattle area’s bus system is not that bad. Though, by the way the area is structured, people have to commute far to get to places. It could take 2-3 times the duration in comparison to driving. That is unless the person lives in a more populated area/business city. It is just not a usual way of transportation for many folks who’s always been living in the suburbs. So to many people commuting by bus/train seems to be a big deal. Honestly in my opinion, people here are just too comfortable. They’re not used to walking through rain, the cold, or the humid summer. So they feel sorry for me ^^

      I’ve lived in Thailand before, and it is very hot all year round. It is much worse! I’m sure Jakarta’s weather is the same.

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