This week went by very quick. I had to catch up with all the work I missed from last week←just two days worth of work? I guess that’s already 40% of work time. I really needed recovering time after my LA trip. One Ok Rock was just overwhelming.

What’s also crazy other than all that One Ok Rock craziness, is that I haven’t been to California since I was a todler! Other places I’ve traveled in country were all just in the past decade. I’ve only been to Oregon, south of Washington state, or north of Washington state, and Vancouver BC–if that counts. Yep, I have not been to most of the states in the US. I’ve been to more provinces in CHINA, than states in my own country!

Here’s one of the nice shots we got from the trip. Now that I think about it, this is my first time having a jumpshot at a beach :P It was something I kind of wanted to do at least once in my life time. With the people who mattered, and by the people who mattered. A photo I can cherish.

At Venice Beach. Photo by Oran V.

With sister at Venice Beach. Photo by Oran V.

There is no winter in California! The temperature in early February when we were there, is about an average Seattle cool/overcasted summer day, 20c – 25c (68f – 77f)←Okay, maybe that’s late May – June. But really, Seattle only gets VERY HOT for a few weeks. There are only a few weeks in the year that I wouldn’t have to worry about under dressing for the weather. I’m sure there are a lot of Seattlites who disagrees with me.

Anyway, I always notice many fashion gurus on YouTube with their ‘Winter Outfits’ to be extremely under dressed. I see lots of comments on those videos where people complain about it. I’m not sure if they are aware of how the majority of those gurus live in Southern California. Those videos have great ideas, but they are kind of useless for many people who really needs help for winter cordinations, I guess.. ←in need for advice, instead of inspiration.

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