ONE OK ROCK LIVE IN Los Angeles Feb 7 2014

After ONE OK ROCK LIVE in LA. Shirts pre-ordered from Sidestep. Thank goodness for that!

After ONE OK ROCK LIVE in LA. T-Shirts pre-ordered from the Sidestep phone app. Thank goodness for that! The merchandise line was LONG

Last weekend, I flew from Seattle to Los Angeles to watch ONE OK ROCK! I’ve been a fan for a long time. Back when they released Beam Of Light (2008), shortly after around that time my sister showed me the band online. There after I started liking them a lot, and gradually more and more. It was my training anthem on Maple Story (haha- yeah, hours and hours of grinding on the game I listened to OOR).

Commuting….before getting to the line:
I woke up at 4am to catch the first Sound Transit light rail train to SeaTac Airport. The flight was delayed for an hour and a half. The flight was short and sweet, though. We bussed/walked to the hotel. At the hotel lobby, we ran into a girl from Texas. She also flew over to watch OOR! “See? I’m not crazy!” I told myself.

In line:
When we got there at 3pm, there were already a lot of people in line- a lot, but few compared to how much more people came later. These people were in line since morning, or the night before! I thought to myself, “Yeah!! I’m not crazy!!!” I wanted to get in line since noon, but people around me kept saying how that’s very early. I guess it’s hard to tell since it’s OOR’s first live in USA. How many people are attending? How much do people care? So many other fans care just as much!


We made it to the line for the pit floor. They gave us a stamp on the wrist, when they need to start having people line up downstairs<- where I guess most of the rest of the GA floor people waited. We got the stamp on our wrists to help identify people who were already waiting in line upstairs. Only people with the stamp are allowed back up stairs where the whole line for the show starts. While waiting, we got light bulb candles for “Be The Light” made by a group of fans (?), and also signed a banner that ONE OK ROCK actually took out before singing the encore song. I had some cool line mates too! Together, we waited 5 hours in line! 5 hours of chill time. It was very comfortable up in the shade, and the cool dry Cali weather. Imagine waiting in the snow, or sluggy rain?! Thank goodness to cali winters.

The show:
In the pit, I had about five to six layers of people in front of me. It was a great view and an awesome feeling. I was so excited and so numbed! I sang almost the whole time.. I had to scream because it was so loud. As the audience, I couldn’t just stand still and listen. I felt them, and responded to them, and I was one with the crowd. I’m glad to share the moment with everyone. Screaming and singing, jumping and waving my hands. When I watch a DVD of them, I feel hyped up, but no matter how hyped up I am, I’m not there, jumping with OOR or anyone.

Every song was the best! I predicted the first two songs RIGHT ON! They started with ‘Ending Story??’ followed by ‘Deeper Deeper’. Also, I was almost right on, when I said they will keep ‘The Beginning’ towards the end. I didn’t expect them to perform ‘Let’s Take It Someday.’ The drums in this song is amazing. We all jumped together in this song. [EDIT:here is a clip for that song. I’m actually in it–I’m pretty sure of it. Light brown hair to the right..clip here-<——Retrived from dayoproduction blog post on this show]

They sang all their singles after Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (完全感覚dreamer). I know I can’t have too much hope on anything older than 2010. They didn’t even have time to do KARASU (カラス). I was hoping they’d perform ‘Nobody’s Home’ as the last song. I mean, they didn’t even have time for ‘ONION!’ that is in their latest album. There’s never enough time for every song. Just with what they did, the concert lasted for almost two hours. Taka messed up on ‘LIAR’ ‘s first line. Instead of singing “What do you want from me?” He sang, “What do you want to see?” twice. Is that okay for me to point out? Please forgive me! ←I’m glad to share that moment with ONE OK ROCK too haha.


Taka said how he can’t speak English really well, and that he can only memorize things. TAKA!! It’s alright, Taka!! Down the road, I’m sure you’ll feel more confident! It’s only a matter of time, if you really want it. You can do it! In the end Taka finished his part saying, “I’m sorry, it is so small….[the speech]” Then Tomoya said “that’s what she said!” That joke. Really? Really, now? Awesome <-[edit: I finally got this part because someone posted a vid on the speech part x. I really, really didn’t remember the order of the speech at all!]

Ryota, Toru, and Tomoya all said “..fucking awesome!” in their greet. I’m sure they’ve been waiting to say that haha. Tomoya also said, “I want an American girlfriend, any volunteers??”

At some point between songs…
Taka started asking, “what time is it?”
We all said “one o’clock!”
Taka said, “I’ve always wanted to do that.” ←←I mean like, somethings can only be done in English or in the mother language for word play and jokes. Anyway, that was the best moment ever. More over, he said that people in Japan calls them “WANOKUROKKU (ワンオクロック)”, but he said that “ONE-OKAY-ROCK” is better (globally, I guess). So when they are in the US, I’ll say ONE OK ROCK the way they hoped for. A dual name is nice. That’s the awesome-ness of having a name that can be read in many ways, but spelled in one way.

I don’t remember really well, in what order they said this all. I was in a complete trance..

The rest of the weekend was spent running around LA…

3 thoughts on “ONE OK ROCK LIVE IN Los Angeles Feb 7 2014

  1. Their energy was just insane, right? I’d Love to see Karasu, Onion!, Mr. Gendai Speaker, Nobody’s Home and the same as Live.. Maybe the concert wiLL go for more than 3 hours then
    In Jakarta some peopLe waited since 8 am, and many fLew from other countries Like Singapore and Philippines.. The things we’d do for Love ( ̄∀ ̄)

  2. I can’t believe I missed the nearest concert!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I hope I can see them perform like you did some day!

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