I’m a not a 12th Man


Everything in Seattle right now is about “Go Hawks!” Instead of just being a football thing, it is becoming a local holiday or something here in Seattle. Corporate buildings, small businesses and then the Space Needle are all covered in green and blue AND a big giant 12. Everyone at work seemed to have jumped the bandwagon. Also somehow, they expect everyone to become a football fan too. Is it wrong to stay indiffernt? When it is constantly being  shoved in my face, it is hard to stay neutral. A few people at work even thought I was a Broncos fan! Anyhow, it’s not just this particular season, I’ve always been annoyed by the football thing in general. I’m like one of those kids in high school who quietly hate the athletes for no good reason.

Despite all my grumpiness, I have to admit that I’m proud of anything I can brag about Seattle. I’m surprised Seahawks hasn’t been to the Super Bowl in awhile. Guess I can’t blame the whole city for getting so hyped up. But please leave me out of it! “The 12th Man” are the fans. They became the 12th player because of their devotion to the team. And I was not one of them. I did nothing.

Oh wait, I guess am doing something by writing about it.

Please come back Seattle! You aren’t all football fans!

If I see another blue and green motif, I’m gunna strangle a kitten…

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