Foxy Cuts, Hail, Honey Toast


Last weekend I got my hair colored for the first time. It was a crazy short journey to get to the salon Foxy Cuts. It was raining, which is usually alright. With the unpredictable diagonal cuts of streets, it took us a couple extra turns to get there. Which also would usually be alright. But then, only in a matter of 30 seconds, we were soaked down to the socks, and I was pretty much swimming in my boots. It hailed so hard, it was painful!

It was a pleasant afternoon spent at Foxy Cuts with our awesome new stylist. I think he’s a keeper. The whole time, we could hear the crowd from the Seahawks game. Every time they score, they shoot a canyon?

The next day, I hung out with a friend. We went to the Hard Wok cafe. We were lucky to catch our friend working.πŸ’ƒ

🍞The honey toast thingie was amazing!🍞

Too bad we were too full to finish it all. I might get to have one of these again this week when my sister goes back to tune up her hair πŸ’™

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