Recent food favorites

My recent food craves have been eating hot soupy things..and all kinds of sweet potatoes.

Dinner last night at Boiling Point in downtown Bellevue. This was my second one last week. Maybe for awhile, since I don’t think anyone feel like having as much as I do :P

Another hot soupy thing: Chicken Soup. I made Thai style chicken soup: Potatoes, Yellow Onion, Chicken wings and tomatoes. Also, adding some salt and white pepper. My dad said this is Burmese style soup with the tomatoes. This is definitely not as sour. I could use a bit more tomato in this version (and a little bit less salt). I absolutely love how it came out! I will make it part of my homecooking kingdom.

I’ve been trying different kinds of sweet potatoes from the grocery store. Orange-ish skin here is just our plan ‘ol Yam. The purple one is Okinawan Sweet Potato. I also had Satsumaimo – red outside, and light yellow inside. The light yellow kinds, I have to say, are my favorites so far.

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