Last weekend: Last of 2013


I went to a friends house warming party. They just finally moved in to a place. I find it very lovely. Very spacious! For just an average price, that’s a good deal. The location is definitely not as convenient though.. Unless you go to Seattle U (yep, it is in the First Hill area)

Then on Sunday, without any hangover xD I went to see Oliver! At the 5th Avenue Theater. I’m glad I didn’t miss my chance. Almost let myself pass this by because no one was actually making the plans to see it.

Consider yourself, one of us!

I have to say Dodger is my favorite character from Oliver. Not so much for this show though.. I feel like he’s a little too exaggerated at parts (but it’s Dodger, right? How he not be ?).

I played Nancy in this musical once before in 7th grade. I wish I can redo it again. I find it very interesting, the musical way of singing. It is like they are speaking the lyrics.. Or I can also say it sounds like they are singing their speech. I feel like I can do that very well now ^_^

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