Unusual Schedule: the dentist’s office

Every time I am on an unusual schedule, my mind just seems all over the place.

I saw my dentist this morning. I felt so chatty and hyper afterwards. I might not realize how chatty I am in mornings or all day during work hours. I’m not chatty at work, but I’m just ready for it.. At least for this week. So either it’s the anesthetics or just the weekday hours.

That’s me waiting to get numb for the main shots….

I remember as a kid going to the dentists. When we get shots, there weren’t any numbing jell for the shots. I just had to take the shots as is…and I was fine with that. Maybe because I wasn’t in the US? I see lots of people dread going to see the dentist. I actually enjoy the experience of getting numb and treated. And I especially find pleasure in the teeth cleaning process. I just feel cleaned out and all, doesn’t it just make you feel good afterwards? It’s almost like getting a manicure ^_^ haha

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