Moments in life that I will forget?

There are moments that somehow I feel like I’ll remember for life. And some moments that I can recall with something to remind me. Many times there are those moments when I see reminders of past memories, but can’t recall a single thing. Recently I feel like I’m living through life without a single memory.


I don’t really believe in grand memory making or whatever. I just don’t want to forget what I used to routinely do everyday. If I did something everyday, it must’ve been worth my time, right?

The other day at work we had our photos taken. I got a little practice before the actual shoot. I remember for school pictures, having to grab some bar in front of me, then turning my head towards the photographer. In my practice shots, I subconsciously grabbed the bar that wasn’t there. My coworker asked me why I was always posing with my hands up like that.

These are moments in life I’d usually forget about.

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