Monorail Espresso

Monorail espresso cup sleeveThis past weekend I was waiting for the 522 for the longest time. I don’t know where it got stuck in the middle of downtown, but I’m certain it had skipped a trip. during this long wait, I decided to get some coffee at that espresso stand I’ve been itching to try every time I see it. Monorail Espresso. There was a small line, served by a man with an Italian accent (or I believe to be Italian). Waiting in line, I saw old photographs stuck behind the espresso machine. Print photographs in this decade already automatically give them a retro feel. This one is for real, though.


Monorail Espresso 1980Written on the photo: “A Dynasty is born . . 1980.”Then there was another picture of the Westlake Center area in 1980, which used to be the full monorail station. The espresso stand was originally under the original monorail station before Westlake Center shopping mall was built in 1988.

By the door, they have a tourist direction menu, very typical tourist spot thing to have. Directions to Pike Place Market with a price listed. You get the picture. The most amusing item on this menu was, “Starbucks – priceless” I’m not sure if it is because the fact that there’s Starbucks pretty much every corner of each block, or the fact that tourists have no shame in asking an espresso stand for directions to another place. It is like asking a Seattlite like me, who actually avoid drinking Starbucks if possible. Unfortunately for me, my ego comes after my coffee craving. Sometimes, coffee is just coffee.Directions Menu

The coffee man said to an Asian couple, “Anyounghaseyo! come again!”. I guess he at least chatted with them enough to know they are Korean. He must be very used to serving tourist. I know people working in the market, and I can see how it is tough sometimes if you’re not in the mood for all the tourist talk. At the same time, I find it easy to give them good service if you have the knowledge of a tour guide book (or even better). I ordered 8oz Americano – $2.25 including tax. The place is cash only, and the price on their menu board all include sales tax. “Do you want any creamer?” No, no room please. He left some room and asked again, “Is that enough room? walking room.” I told it was okay, because the coffee might be too spicy. “Haha, yeah I know.” All espresso drinks are done by ristretto shots. I feeling for my Americano was just right. It tasted so creamy as if I had put creamer in it. This why sometimes I prefer having Americano over brewed coffee. (The biggest reason though, is because most places don’t have FRESHLY brewed coffee and they taste very oxidized, so I order Americano instead).

I hope to go get more drinks from here when the coffee man is working, He seems pro :) If the weather is nice, I might take a seat they set out by the street on the sidewalk, and watch people and cars going by. . .

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