Moving in Midtown Seattle: what’s good so far..

It has been a busy weekend, and before I knew it, the work week is about to end as well.

I am getting cozy in my new place already. The move was probably the most pain-free moving experience I’ll ever have. I was settled by the first day. In addition to the cozy place, there were plenty to enjoy outside upper downtown. 

First off, I fell in love with evening walks by the waterfront. I can find stock photos of beautiful sunsets anywhere, but it is a real joy getting the chance to admire a lovely sunset as part of your typical evening. Too bad I would only get to enjoy this on a sunny summer day or weekend. In winter, by the time I leave work it would already be dark–not to mention how it is barely sunny in Seattle for the rest of the year. So this is seasonal. I sat down on a rock at the beach on the sculpture park after dinner. It was busy with families, tourists, runners, and dog walkers.


Another awesome thing to enjoy living downtown is being near all the events. Depending on what’s going on, this could also be not so awesome. One evening on our way to the waterfront, we ran into the Seattle “Night Out!” event going on between 1st and 2nd avenue on Bell Street. At first I was wondering about all the polices cars and bomb squad looking people. Apparently, it was an event for people to get in touch with the Seattle Police Department.

I think in Seattle, we get a good balance of natural beauty and urban beauty. I think people think of living in cities as living outside of nature. There are fine details in the city just as noticing raccoons crossing. One evening walking along the pier, my partner pointed out how there were (probably Chinese) men fishing on the deck. I find this particularly entertaining because it was so likely of Chinese men. I don’t think I would’ve noticed if I hadn’t been to China. I was reminded of the river walks in Chengdu: where lovers meet, where men fish, where nappers sleep. Living in the city is more than just a concrete. There’s people to watch.

One of the best things is that I can take late night walks in many different places without worrying about getting home. One night, passing by the Port of Seattle, I discover this beautiful skyline.


city light

Where the mind wanders..


The last awesome thing is access to shops all night long. I’ve been happy with my late night ice cream bars after a long walk. After long walks, I often still have time to cook lunch for the next day, and wind down for the night.

What else can compare?

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