Moving out

I’m excited to get into my new place. It is going to be a bit small for two people, but it will be nice and cozy. Not to mention it will in a walkable neighborhood, and easy bus access. If I have to ride a car everyday to work my life will never start. I’ll go nuts at the fact that all I do is wake up, get ready, zoom~ to work on my car, work, then zoom~ back…It would make me feel fat and old, and a typical working adult (highlighting fat and old).

I know there are a lot of people out there who’d love to continue living with their parents. A high chance that if I stay like this, I’ll have mental problems. The mental problems of people who work in 9-5 jobs, such as laziness (which effects the body’s overall wellness), total comfort (triggers laziness), and excessive spending. Yes, those are mental problems (lol)

Besides, I waste so much time at home. It is far from everything even if you drive. I can’t think unless I’m in my room. I can’t cook at home. I can’t control my own diet without rejecting someone’s cooking. I can’t do anything at home except for saving lots of money (if I can over come ‘excessive spending’). Money matters, but it doesn’t mean everything. Everyone must remember that!

So I’m excited to move out to this new place with my holymate.

How long does it take someone to find housing?

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