All of the memories of Chengdu was like a very long dream, and I felt as if I was dropped back into reality, into my real life. The long vacation is over.

During Summer when I returned to the states, my time had become more restricted than ever. I didn’t have time to do anything. No rest, little sleep, no time to think. When life gets this busy, and I wondered, what on earth are we busy with?

Here’s a song I wrote months back.  Ever felt like running away? Where would you like to escape to? With who?

Runaway / by Amp

Under the pretty sky, the empty street
You and I, dreaming away
The crows, and squirrels, and the humming birds
Leisurely, spent their days freely

What is the rush? So much to do
What is the point? What’s there really to do?
Life is so short, and I’m here with you
Let’s take off our shoes, and just runaway

Away, away, with me, my love
Come with me, away, let’s get lost in time

When I woke up I saw the field of roses
Suddenly, I can’t stop running
You took my hand and held me in your arms
Leisurely, spent our days freely

It is cool and a breeze blowing through
Like walking on air, trembling with you
Loving your warmth in this coldness
Enchanted by the fragrance in your flesh
Let’s runaway, come with me my love
I’ll take you high, in the sky and get lost

This get away, forever it’ll be
Forever us two, you and I

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