Spring 2009: After finals, I was so happy to be done.

In my life at the moment, there are several things I love to do. Those things involves playing the guitar, singing, watch other people playing the guitar and singing. I also love to write lyrics, bubbly poems and journal entries. For the past few years, I’ve been into studying Japanese and Chinese. I love to use them to write short blogs on Lang-8, and talking to pen-pals I’ve made online. I definitely loved spending a crazy amount of time on RPG type games. My guilty pleasures are Japanese manga, anime and Japanese drama. Recently, I started being into spotting cats on the streets, trying to get their attention or take pictures of them. Of course on top of all the things I love to do, is to be with the few great people in my life.

So many things I love to do, and none of them are involved with my university education success. I’m supposed to find an internship, and gain the most experience out of it. I’m supposed to be getting the greatest deals on my textbooks, getting them early, and reading them ahead of time. I should be studying over four hours a day once the quarter starts, and also going to every class, being totally present.

All the things I have to do to succeed. In school, that is.

Recently I’m beginning to see how important somethings are, and how they are worth holding on to. School is important, but the several things that I have listed above are just as important to keep in my life. First of all, without somethings, I couldn’t go on living. And what really makes them important is that, they could possibly be the key to my life.

I need to embrace my loves from the right angle. Take the qualities I have in doing those thing, and turn that passion into something meaningful.

Straight to the point.. (Chengdu, Autumn 2011)

There are times when I almost lose myself. Forgetting all the feelings of passion, while taking the right course. I forgot that, for myself, eventually it will fall apart, somehow. Either the path will go wrong, or my passionate soul will be shut down completely, all lost deep within.

During those times, I almost lost myself for a false passion. Taking the right course for all the wrong reasons. I completely forgot the real important things in my life. I was deceived by the words of that so-called reality. While I’m trying to stay with reality as much as I should, I know that I shouldn’t abandon the things I love to do, just because the right course does not allow me to be with those any longer. I will not allow myself to be disillusioned once again.

Even after all that is said, I can’t take in all the things I want to do into the equations. I have to sacrifice time with certain activities to spend more quality time with other, more important activities. That is, when I already know what is best for me to put time on. Time has its limitations. What are the things most important to you? Why would they be your top priorities?

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