The Journey to Coffee in Chengdu #2: Sugar


Last time I discussed how much I had to adjust to get my daily coffee dose. I did instant coffee packages, canned iced coffee, instant coffee from vending machines, and instant coffee from milk tea shops. Also, for a little time period, I just completely stop drinking everyday.

I still don’t drink everyday. I only have something like above, once or twice a week or so. I’ve been big on drinking water recently because of how hot it got the past couple weeks (30*c/86*F in my room!).

This time I want to point out these Geo coffee drip bags. I’m pretty sure this was first started by a Japanese company. These are absolutely genius, because it is instant, and tastes like real coffee. I really think the Japanese can come up with so many instant things, on the go ideas, and still do them so well. These drip bags should have been something put into my hands from day 1 in Chengdu.

Geo Cafe – 20 RMB a box, 5 drip bags per box. 4 yuan for a cup of drip coffee? Oh YES!

I found these awhile ago in 7-11, and later finally tried them. So far, I’ve only seen these sold at 7-11. Inside one box, includes 5 coffee drip bags, 5 sugar packets and 5 creamer packets. I never used any of the sugar packets. I’ve been feeling like I should have not bought any sugar at all for my kitchen. With all the sugar packets I’ve got from buying coffee, and how much sugar I put in my cooking, I have to say that it would have been enough.

I’ve found a few new coffee shops in the area. Every time I find one, I am compelled to buy a cup. These new to-go places with actual espresso machines sell 8-11 RMB a cup. They also sell a lot of other drinks such as, all kinds milk tea, hot chocolate, and shaved iced fruity drinks.

Each time, I order either a cappuccino (卡布奇诺) or americano (美式咖啡). I get sugar packets every time, and sometimes they already put creamer in the americano. Most of the time, they would ask me if I want them sweetened, if I say no, then they would hand me a sugar packet. This one time after answering, no sugar, they warn me that the coffee is bitter. After handing me my drink, they insist I take the sugar packet with me, I said that I really don’t need it. They told me again that the coffee is very bitter. I just simply responded, “不苦。。。” “It’s not bitter. . .”

I don’t usually like sugar in my coffee. If I want it sweet, I get the sweet drinks, such as Mocha, Vanilla Latte, Caramel Machiato, or sweet creamer. If they don’t have those, I’d rather have it plain (or to them, bitter). During Winters I usually love sweeteners in my Lattes. My favorite creamer is Coffeemate’s French Vanilla coffee creamer. I’m not sweetening my coffee simply because it is bitter, when I add anything into coffee, it is because I like the taste, or plain coffee is sometimes just, you know, plain. Unless all plain coffee taste like Stumptown Coffee…ehem (I’ll end the little rant here).

I have so much sugar in stock at home, and probably will be leftover for eternity, since I’m leaving this country soon. I’m thinking about taking some drip bags home, but all that sugar?

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