Amateur filming in Chengdu

I’m a week late on filming and finally, it got a kick start with a perfect cloudy day.

I was going crazy with the project plan that I left in the dust from a month. A good production needs a good plan. Also, a good documentary should be able to unfold itself as the filming goes, in my opinion.

I’ve been planning this project forever. Until it is all done, I’ll write about more about the contents, but for now I want to talk about the challenges of my first day.

Challenge 1: Approaching the Subject

I couldn’t put myself together, asking the questions in Chines. The person I was approaching was a complete stranger. I’m afraid to interrupt them. I have no idea where they’re heading to, or are they in a big rush? How serious of a conversation two people are having, or what kind of day they did they have?  I don’t want to cause any trouble in public. Of course this kind of attitude did not get me anywhere.

Good thing I had a lot of moral support with me. I finally pick up a little, and ask in better sentences, less stuttering. Confidence is key. The guts.

Challenge 2: Getting the Answers

On the streets, I got a few one-worders. Some talkers, and no commenters. The place where you get the most ignores is on the pedestrian bridge. It was tiring and an interesting experience of street solicitor. I’m trying to reevaluate my questioning methods. I’m in need for more sole content. Yikes.

It wasn’t the hardest day of my life yet. In fact, not even close to being it.

In other words, not as hard as my fear told me it would be. Yeah!

Picture I took while waiting for an interview:

At 17幸福8: Vintage coffee grinder

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