This one time on MapleStory (#1)

This one time on MapleStory, I was in a chat between a couple for two hours.

Usually, between couples, it is between the man, and the woman, right? The third person doesn’t belong there, no matter how much they want to help out in the fight. A third person must not hand in any assistance, and when a third person DOES get involved, it is usually nothing beautiful.

What on Broa was I doing between the couple? It is quite a disgustingly long heck of a story.

First, I should give you a brief background. Just so you know how my MS life rolled.

————-you can skip over here—————-

At that point, I’ve been active on Maple Story for over a year. I was in the level 140s, striving hard to reach 150 – my ultimate MS life goal. After that I was supposed to get on the bishop and help my sister train her Hero to 150. Our deal was to take turns on the bishop. So the weeks before I reach 150, I trained four hours a day, almost every weeknight.

Yep, I had no life, not even a MS life. Ha.

Well, actually I did have a Maple life. I had a lot of friends, quite well known in one circle, and our guild (TrueMagic) was lively like a beehive. My intensive training seemed to be motivating my surroundings. Our leader, my sister, had double EXP family buff enough for the entire 4 hours. We buff every half an hour, and we get members and alliance members coming for the offer. Quite motivating, huh? I mean, who wouldn’t love to train when there is free double EXP every night? Sometimes we trade buffs with another guild we were close to. We couldn’t become an alliance, because we were both too big.

TrueMagic meeting in 2010.
Location: Broa, Channel 4, Free Market room 5.

Pretty much, I didn’t have a MS life outside the guild. I devoted my entire MS life to TrueMagic (and to my beloved shadower).

So that was the BRIEF background of my daily MS life.

———————–End of the kinda boring brief background talk—————————–

After I got to level 150, my MS life became very laid-back. I didn’t have anything much to do. My job was to be on the bishop and train with my sister. She got busy with other things at that time, so I only got to do my job once or twice. I also did quite a terrible job as a bishop, dying every twenty minutes.

AmpLadasA in 2010: After 150.

This one weekend, there was a double EXP event, everyone else in the guild was busy engaging in their own plans. Nobody expected me to be online on the weekend, so I was just a lonely granny waiting for the kids to ask for her help.

I somehow ran into an acquaintance, already forgot how it happened that day, and we decided to train together in the Skele dungeon.

Freddie: he was a friend of a good friend of mine. As a Mapler, Freddie came across as a pro, generous and rich guy, and devoted to his lover. Everyone knew Freddie as the guy with a girlfriend. They each had each other’s names in their character names (i.e. LoveFreddie and LoveArial). His guild was composed of Freddie’s miscellaneous characters, and his girlfriend’s, Arial’s characters.

After we were done training, Freddie told me how happy he was to have a bishop today, and told me how he couldn’t find a bishop since Arial quitted MS. I never felt so helpful, and it made me very happy that I was able to help. After hearing him say that, I told him that he could ask me anytime.

And that is how the not so lasting nor beautiful friendship began.

I might have gone overboard with the socializing. This is probably the most dramatic moments of my entire MS life. A week and a half later, I ended up in a complicated love triangle..square, or more like messed up fork. Whatever. I’ll only discuss the triangle part on this post

Ever since I reached level 150, I start socializing doing more on MS. I tried out Zakum runs and Horntail runs. I started my Time of Temple quests, and went on a journey of completing more quests. I tagged along with our friend-guild on their usual boss runs. Freddie attended all the activities I was involved in. He was experienced and resourceful, and of course he would be very welcomed.

He joined our guild and participated in all our activities. My sister and I had a thing; we dressed up as Gundam pilots. Freddie eventually started dressing up like us, too. It was pretty cool that we have made a good friend.

TrueMagic in 2010: The pilots

While I was chilling in the Free Market, I was having a nice conversation with a friend. Then he started whispering, “I think Freddie likes you.” That idea never came across my mind. I was not even interested in any kind of real relationship, nontheless through MS. If I was in a MS relationship, it means on MS only. People on MS don’t take me as the type to date, and I was too old for them anyway. Plus, I mean like, EVERYONE knew Freddie had a girlfriend. Moreover, a girlfriend who has been with him for years, through MS.

I only thought of Freddie as a good friend. He hung out a lot with us. He was like our big brother on MS. He had our respect. He eventually started talking about Arial. He asked for advice. He said that it is difficult being with her. There was a big jealousy problem in their relationship. He couldn’t make any friends and often felt lonely. I told him, sometimes you just have to know when to let go. During that time, I have the tendency to get realistic about love and didn’t believe in long-distance romantic relationships anymore.

The next time I logged on MS, he told me he had broken up with Arial that night. He also said that he wanted us to be in a relationship. I tried to make it clear to him that I will date him, but it has to be only in game, and we can be good friends in real life. The way I worded it might have been confusing. English is his second language, so I guess he just took it as a simple yes.

Freddie was sure quick. He got me a crush ring, immediately. The same night he was getting a lot of calls from Arial. He said that she was stabbing herself with a pencil.

Arial logged on.

They went off somewhere else to talk on the game, then I resumed my activities on MS.

They said something like this over and over for 2 long hours.

Later, I got a chat invite from Arial. She kept on saying things like how Freddie kept comparing her to me. He said I’m prettier, and I can sing (and now that I think about it, what a jerk of a boyfriend to say such things). Then continued, she told me to not get involved. I said that I wasn’t really dating him, and that Freddie had misunderstood. Okay. I forgot to keep in mind that, to them, dating on MS is dating. Just one word, one meaning, no other classification. They take MS dating seriously. TWO HOURS LATER, I don’t remember how it concluded, but they seemed to agree on something, somehow.

Freddie left the guild. Then he joined back in with another character. It was a new character, and he named it with my name in it. Great.

Maybe a week later, I was in the Free Market hanging out like usual, and then Arial logged on and yelled at me (typed in all caps), “YOU LIED YOU BTCH YOU LIED.” I forgot how we argued, but we were both saying a lot of nothing. Freddie eventually calmed her down. He told me if Arial start something again, let him know.

Of course, it didn’t just end there. Arial became active online. Freddie left us alone on his main character, and started hanging out with us on his other character. At that time, I didn’t realize that Freddie kept the character a secret.

I’m guessing they had another fight. Arial talked to my friend and threaten me saying she has our address. Well, she had the correct address.

My friend was on MSN with Freddie. While then, my friend showed me a screenshot of when I told Freddie I’d ‘date’ him. My friend told me that the way I worded it was definitely misleading.

From then, I decided that I have to let Freddie go. He was a good friend, but this is doing no one any good. Like I said, you just have to know when to let go. I cut all connections with Freddie.

Later I learned that Freddie was not any different from Arial. He usually give her suicide threats too. And  now when I think about it from Arial’s point of view, maybe Freddie had done many untrustworthy things to make her degree of jealously this high. My situation was one example. Freddie was totally coming on to me. (okay, okay, on my fault, I should have been more careful.)

My one huge mistake was to take Freddie’s romantic feelings lightly. I wasn’t taking it seriously. I forgot to think about all the serious MS romantists out there. I was standing on a different point of view.

Lesson learned.

Before dating on MS: Make sure you have a partner who has the same point of view on online dating, and MS marriage (no kidding).

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