On the otherside of the Seas

Greetings 2012! Happy 2012. At the end of last year I celebrated with gyoza and bokchoi, and greeted the new year with tea, candlelights, and some magic.

End of the Year gyoza and bokchoi

All that tention and stress is now dissolved into real experiences. When I arrived on the otherside, my body was on stress more than I realized. I couldn’t write on here at all because of the inconveniences to be online and  the difficulties accessing to my usual sites. And actually, I didn’t even have time for myself at all (will get to that later). Everything is different now, though. Well, that’s the end of my excuse paragraph.

I recently got into a new place. I’m slowing falling in love with it. I didn’t actually fall for it right away. I gave it a chance, and so far, so good. The noises from the clubs is very entertaining and comforting. Why? I can turn up my music as loud as I want. I don’t have to feel as bad anymore, that I might be disturbing the neighbors. Sadly, I won’t be hearing music students practicing their instruments anymore. Only at night when the clubs are open, I can hear a guy playing a saxophone by the clubs for money or something. My old place was out of the common. That complex was probably one of the quietest and nicest one in this city. Nice and I got it at a good price, but definitely way over my budget. I knew that from the very beginning. With the circumstances I was in, I ended up living there.

Tonight, a friday night, the people, taxis, and clubs are extra noisy.

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