Nakamura Shungiku 中村春菊

And there goes my “Nakamura Shungiku” arch. I wore it out in entirely 2 weeks. I think I’ll still feel like going back to watch it again and again, again. I found this Sekaiichi Hatsukoi anime first. Then that’s how I got to the Junjou Romantica fever. It really is good romance ^^

This song is so fun~ I’ve been singing it in the original key, so when I transposed it up a few keys it really threw my pitch off… then got back on track after practicing a little. This was recorded almost on a whim, still… took as many times of the average number of takes I usually do (around 25 takes). This is probably the most current song I’ve ever performed.. the single was released in 2011!!

 ワカバ – 明日、僕は君に会いに行く。~ cover ~
(wakaba – Ashita, Boku wa kimi ni ai ni yuku)

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