It’s one of those days .

I slept in the morning again. Today wasa a little different though. Mother came to greet me at my bed. It was around noon that she came to invite me out, that is after seeing my brother’s lovely tweets about how nice out it was. 2 hours later I realized that was what happened, so I got up and got ready quickly with -my definition of – full make-up on. This is getting dull… my writing.

Getting to the point, we spent some time in a store. I realized I got into the habit of being less impressed by cute tops and frilly dresses, less greedy, for my own good. It’s not like I feel like I need anything, or maybe I just forgot what I really needed until I start paring up outfits in my clothe-full closet. Today was one of those days, luck was on my side. The unexpected came after the unexpected. Unexpectedly encountered a nice coat, with that unexpected nice color, and unexpected size and price and all that. Unexpected price rung up at the register, it seemed that one the items were unexpectedly 80% discounted. It was one of those days.

Out for a breather, I got to have nice ice cream, while enjoying the people enjoying themselves in the enjoyable weather (though it was a little chilly). It appears that this place was the same place I got gelato last summer. I still remember that summer day vividly. How can I ever forget one of the happiest days? It happens to be their first day to serve Molly Moon’s. What a coincident… (hold on, I think something like this happened recently.. I can’t recall at the moment).

~ Strawberry Sorbet & Vivace Coffee ~

Down to the market, as we admire the familiar impressive scenery of our city, I realize how close I’ve grown to this place. ‘Memories’ were made in our home city. As cliche as it sounds, that is how the cliche even existed in the first place.

On the way back, I ran into my favorite professor from years ago. I walked to the back to the bus to greet her. “お久しぶりです” (Long time no see)
“はぁぁー! How are you?!!” then she turned to the 2 ladies sitting to her right, “私のセイトよ、いい学生だったわ(one of my students, she was a great one) ⋯ these are my sisters, they came from Japan to visit”
吉田セ〜ンセェー イ!!!♥ I didn’t send her an email this year >< いろいろあって…. I’ll save the Japanese for Lang-8.

When I got back home my dad prepared another surprise. What’s up with today? I finally had to say it, “today is not my birthday..” in a jokingly tone.. My mother realized my situation too, that today I was incredibly lucky for some reason.

Happy July 1st  – – – –    – – – –

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