Between ‘Today’ ‘Yesterday’ & ‘Tomorrow’

I woke up early today, or it is now yesterday ah? Early morning, 8 in the morning Tokyo time. How did I end up this way again? I can’t stand myself this way. Sort of anyways. I got up this evening, made myself something that felt like breakfast, then worked on my latest cover recording. As a tribute to ‘Ano Hana’ I practiced the ending theme ‘Secret Base~Kimi ga Kuretamono’. I spoke to Kei this morning, or more like yesterday morning, or last night… on skype, that I’ll be finishing my latest recording soon. “Looking forward to it.” I also told someone else I’ll be doing this song next. I didn’t keep the promise of making it a video though. Sorry ><… Even just as a recording, it took me hours to finalize my takes.

I suddenly got a cold yesterday, so I was a little worried I couldn’t get it done today. The anime already ended around a week ago, I can’t drag on posting it any longer. It would’ve been better if I did ‘Aoi shiori’ but at this level, I can’t learn it quick enough to catch the fire. My throat turned out completely fine when I got up. Today’s voice is one of the most satisfying sound I can get from myself on this song, however… unlike my past recordings, I’m only 70% satisfied with the final product. Although I hate people who posts half-ass recordings especially when they’re just singing, I realized that I can let loose a little and post more. Quantity is important. Ofcourse, I prefer putting up a quality product that I’m 120% satisfied with, but I need the quantity of posts to get some more attention.

When I got done with compiling the video, I went out to take a walk in the dark. I thought I should finish at least one thing on my list, so I walked all the way to the supermarket. No matter how much I’ve been out late before, walking in the dark alone is still scary. It doesn’t make it that much safer walking with another defenseless person but… with just another person feels much more secure.

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